Invalid object name causing fatal error

However, an issue arose where two sets of folders, each containing subfolders, were not successfully pushed. To resolve this, the following steps were taken before re-adding the folders.


Each time I execute either

brew upgrade


brew cleanup

, the output displays the same error.

fatal: Not a valid object name develop

Despite the upgrade appearing to function correctly, it’s unclear where the error originated and what steps can be taken to resolve it.

Solution 1:

The reason for the error appears to be a tap that was not functioning properly. I resolved the issue by cleaning the tap thoroughly.

brew untap 

the error disappeared.

To display a comprehensive list of installed taps, simply execute the following command: P.S.

brew tap

Solution 2:

The error message is generated by git which is a widely used version-control system for source code.

The error message indicates that you have instructed git to perform a task on a non-existent branch named “develop.” This usually occurs when the branch has not yet been created, or you’re working with a repository that has been reset or cleaned, and the branch has not been established there.

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