Installing Ubuntu Without the Need for a USB Drive

In addition to the various available options, this post provides a detailed guide on installing Ubuntu operating system without the need for a USB or CD drive. One important consideration is to select the “install the Ubuntu operating system alongside the primary operating system” option during the installation process.

From more than 600
Linux-based operating
systems, Ubuntu is the most popular and top priority operating system of users from all over the world. It is a Debian-based operating system enriched with all the features needed by a professional IT pro or a casual user for daily routine tasks.

Canonicals maintains the
Ubuntu operating
system, which is widely supported and used by numerous prominent organizations. It has gained a good reputation and is known for its low hardware requirements. The distro benefits from a strong community that ensures its maintenance. A new LTS release of the
Ubuntu operating
system is released every two years.

The installation process of Ubuntu is simple and easy, similar to installing other well-maintained operating systems. Ubuntu offers an ISO Image for installation on any system, which can be burned onto a CD Drive or a USB device to create a bootable device. However, in addition to these options, this post provides a step-by-step guide on how to install Ubuntu operating system without the need for a USB device or CD Drive in a system.

A widely recognized software called Unetbootin is utilized for
install operating
without the need for a USB.


UNetbootin, also known as the “Universal Netboot Installer,” is a widely recognized and versatile software that enables the creation of a
live USB
system and the installation of various Linux-based or other operating systems, all without the need for a USB Drive or CD Drive.

Our aim is to utilize the UNetbootin software for installing the LTS operating system and Windows 10 operating system. Through this process, we will gain knowledge on how to install any operating system without the need for a USB or CD Drive.

Download UNEtbootin

To get started with UNetbootin and explore its features, first, go to the official UNetbootin website and download the software.

Select the suitable installer file according to your OS.

After downloading, access the Downloads folder and run the installer file.

The straightforward UI of Unetbootin will be displayed on a single page.

How to Use Unetbootin for Installing Ubuntu without USB

We have two alternatives for installing an operating system. You can select a distribution and its version from the provided list within the UNetbootin utility, which will then be downloaded by UNetbootin.

If the desired distribution is not among the options provided by UNetbootin, you also have the option to manually select and load an ISO file.

Once you have chosen a distribution from the UNetbootin’s provided list or provided an ISO file, you can then select the type of installation: USB Drive or
Hard Disk

As our goal is to install Ubuntu without the use of a USB, we will opt for the Hard Disk option.

By choosing the Hard Disk option, you will transfer all the files from the ISO file to the designated drive and include a bootloader.

Start the installation by choosing the Drive and clicking on the OK button.

UNetbootin takes care of the remaining tasks and notifies you upon completion.

After finishing the installation process, click on the ‘Exit’ button and then restart the system.

Following the system restart, you will notice the appearance of the
UNetbootin boot

Select the fresh entry and start up the Ubuntu OS.

Begin the installation process of the Ubuntu Operating system:

The installation procedure for Ubuntu will remain unchanged, just as we typically install it.

To ensure a successful installation of Ubuntu alongside the
primary operating
system, it is important to create a dedicated partition for Ubuntu. Additionally, when
Installing Ubuntu
, be sure to select the “install the Ubuntu operating system alongside the primary operating system” option. Failure to do so may result in the formatting of all data saved in the chosen partition.


This post offers a concise and comprehensive guide on utilizing UNetbootin. Furthermore, it presents a step-by-step tutorial on installing Ubuntu without the need for a USB or CD drive through the use of UNetbootin software. UNetbootin is a versatile software tool available on multiple platforms that facilitates the creation of Live USBs and OS installations.

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