Installing JBoss Developer Studio on a Windows Operating System – A Guide

The download link for JBoss Tools is available at JBoss Developer Studio is a version of JBoss Tools that comes with additional JBoss enterprise technologies and support from Red Hat. During installation, the path to the JDK directory can be set using the installation wizard of JBoss DS.


My aim is to utilize
executable JAR file
for executing
Developer Studio
9 on Windows, as I am currently attempting
install JBoss

I’ve configured the environment variables for




in my machine that already has Java installed.

However, upon initiating the jar, an error has presented itself.

If the
main class program
cannot be located,
Java virtual machine launcher
will terminate.

Can anyone assist me in resolving this issue?

Solution 1:

Utilize the code


available at this location, as I have already attempted to use it.

Solution 2:

Uncertain about the problem, but to keep in mind for later, the installation instructions and guides for Developer Studio 9.1 can be found at this location.

Visit the following link to access the documentation for installing red hat jboss developer studio:

Although the instructions may be tailored towards Linux users, they can still be utilized on Windows or OSX systems when accessed through the console.

It is important to keep in mind that Developer Studio 9 and 10 require Java 8. Therefore, if your default JDK is not Java 8, or if JDK 7 is found in your PATH before the entry for Java 8, the installer may not work properly.

Could it be the issue that was mentioned in this report?

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