Implement Scheduled Indexing on Magento 2

In addition, you have the option to schedule cronjobs to run at specific times, such as setting them to run every minute during periods of high product import traffic. With that said, it’s worth considering why Magento 2 disables reindexing in the Admin GUI area when production mode is enabled.


Documentation says:

Configure indexers

Employ this instruction to configure the subsequent parameter:
indexer options

By default, the indexed data gets updated in real-time when there is any change made in the Admin. For instance, when new products are added to a category in the Admin, the category products index gets reindexed.

Does this conduct only occur when a product is modified through the web API?


The documentation needs to be updated to clarify that the indexing occurs when the product is saved, regardless of whether it is saved through the Admin or via API. Therefore, the phrase “on save” should be used instead of “in the Admin” to accurately describe the indexing process.

The other option is to employ triggers that will put the modified information in a queue, followed by updating the indexing with a cron job as per the schedule.

Regardless of the method used, the index should be updated whenever a product is saved. This can be done through a direct save or indirectly through the cron.

Opting for a schedule is strongly recommended for optimizing performance. A detailed talk on the subject highlights that it is significantly quicker and consumes fewer resources.

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