Identifying Identical Rows and Matching Data in a List of Rows



I have a list of lines in column D, each with properties in columns I, J, K, etc. I need to check if any rows have the same properties and line number. If a duplicate row is found, I want to delete it along with all the information in the corresponding columns. Being new to VB, I don’t know where to start. The sheet I’m working with is “Sheet1”, and the column range is from D30 to AK30. The row range is from 30 to 7000. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



I propose utilizing a concept closely resembling the one employed in this particular post.

  • Create a new column by combining all the parameters to be checked in the row using concatenation.
  • Choose all of your data and eliminate any duplicates that are present in the column with combined results.

The concatenate formula is used to string together input values. The functionality to remove duplicates is self-explanatory and can be found under the Data tab in the Data Tools subtab (specifically in Excel 2007).


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