Failure of Firebase upload due to missing dsyms requirement

The sole and straightforward method of manually uploading DSYMS files to Firebase Crashlytics involves downloading the appDsyms archive from the App Store. To access the archive, log in to and navigate to MyApps. From there, select your app and click on Activity at the top left corner. Next, choose the version you want to get crashes for, press Includes Symbols, and download the dSYM.

Solution 1:

Uncertain about the events taking place within Firebase Crashlytics.

The dSYMs have been processed within 24 hours and are now displayed as (Optional) in the current build.

The latest information.

Today, I uploaded the dSYMs once more, and the upload was speedy. It is possible that there are problems with the Firebase Crashlytics upload process.

The link to the pull request for the Firebase iOS SDK update can be found on Github at the following URL:

Solution 2:

In case of a migrated app from Fabric, these instructions must be adhered to.

In case you are using an app that was connected to Firebase Crashlytics through Fabric, remember to provide your Fabric API Key while running the upload symbols script. Instead of using -gsp path/to/GoogleService-Info.plist, use -a fabric-api-key in the script’s options.

If you’re encountering the missing dSYM error despite uploading the correct missing UUID and this is not a migrated app, then reach out to firebase support. They can review your debug logs and session ID to determine the issue.

Solution 3:

In my experience, I encountered a similar issue and discovered the following solution:

  1. To locate the particular DSYM causing the dSYMS error in Firebase, it’s crucial to check if it’s present in your XCode archive. Head to XCode->Organizer->Show In Finder->DSYMs in bundle and search for the DSYM by its ID. If it’s not found, you’ll have to manually upload it.
  2. Typically, the delay in my practice ranges from a few minutes up to a maximum of 24 hours.
  3. At times, I faced difficulty in locating the DSYM IDs that were mentioned on Firebase through either XCode archives or AppStore downloads. However, it was discovered that Firebase captures all versions of the app that have been distributed. As a result, if the app has not yet been made available on TestFlight, it cannot be found on the AppStore. However, you may be able to find it in your alpha archives.

To clarify my understanding, I’m guessing about this. It would be helpful if someone from the Firebase team could provide additional details.

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