Exporting Active Directory Group Users to CSV using Powershell



To avoid hindering PowerShell’s “streaming” of users from Active Directory to a CSV file, organize your pipeline in a way that doesn’t involve assigning variables to things.

Get-Content "f:Tempgroup.csv" | foreach-object {
    $group = $_ # grab current group name
    get-qadgroupmember $group -sizelimit 0 -indirect | `
        select-object samaccountname,@{n="GroupName";e={$group}}
} | export-csv f:tempgroupandmem.csv -notypeinformation

A complete process is now established with a seamless “pipeline” that covers the entire journey, as depicted in

csv | foreach | get | transform | export


Earlier, the method of backing up involved assigning all components to a variable before transferring it to the subsequent command.

The current capture group name (row) has been modified to include the $group.

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