Effortless Text Case Modification in Google Docs: A Simplified Guide

I am looking for a way to format text in Google Docs so that it appears in small caps, with lowercase letters that resemble capitals but maintain their size. Additionally, I have a text that is being displayed within a Div element, and when viewed in a browser, the first letter of each word is automatically displayed in uppercase.

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In case you type a line or paragraph in
Google Docs
and later realize that the capitalization of words should be changed, there is no need to rewrite the entire text. Instead, you can conveniently format any text using these useful tools.

Change Text Case with a Google Docs Feature

To modify the content in a Docs document, open your browser, access a
Google Doc
s document, and highlight the text you wish to modify.

Select the text for which you want to change the case capitalization.

To access different types of capitalization, go to the toolbar menu and select Format > Text > Capitalization. From the provided list, choose the preferred capitalization style.

  • The selected text is transformed to lowercase, making every letter in it lowercase.
  • The Uppercase function transforms all letters in the selected text to uppercase.
  • The first letter of every
    word capitalized
    is capitalized, as in Title Case.

In this instance, we aim to have everything in
capital letter
seconds. Choose “UPPERCASE” from the provided selection.


The chosen text will be modified to
capital letters

Like magic, your text will now be changed into the case you chose.

Change Text Case with a Google Docs Add-on

Although Google’s default
capitalization feature
is great for converting text to
lowercase, uppercase
or title case, it does not offer the same range of options as other word processors. To access additional case options, you will need to install a Google
Docs Add

See related content on the top Google Docs Add-Ons.

To acquire an add-on, open a new or existing file within
Google doc
s, access the “Add-Ons” tab, and proceed to choose the “Get Add-Ons” option.

Click on
magnifying glass icon
, enter “Change Case” in the search box, and press the Enter key.

Access the G Suite Marketplace and navigate to the “Change Case” add-on.

Click on “Install” to incorporate the add-on into Google Docs.

To proceed with the installation of the add-on in Google Docs, simply click on the “Continue” button.

After the add-on is installed, it is necessary to provide it with specific permissions that are essential for its proper functioning. It is important to have a clear understanding of these permissions and to trust the developer before proceeding with the installation of any add-on.

Click “Allow” to proceed.


“Rephrased MSDTHOT”: Once the installation is complete, access the Add-Ons menu, specifically the Change Case option, to view a comprehensive list of available choices.

Change Case provides three additional capitalization types, in addition to the ones already mentioned: lowercase, uppercase, and title case.

  • The Invert case function changes the case of letters to the opposite of each
    letter selected
    . For instance, if a letter in a word is originally uppercase, it will now be lowercase or
    vice versa
  • – Applies sentence case by capitalizing the first word of every sentence.
  • – Capitalizes the first letter of every word.
  • Title case refers to the practice of capitalizing the first letter of every word in a sentence, excluding conjunctions, articles, and prepositions. This technique is commonly used for titles and headings.

Although Google Docs has a capital type called Change Case, it utilizes a distinct algorithm to capitalize only the main words, excluding conjunctions, most prepositions, and articles (except when they are at the beginning of a sentence).

Select the desired capitalization option to modify the case of your chosen text.

Voila! Your text has now been transformed into whichever case you chose from the options provided.

It’s as simple as that. To switch between the case, you have two options: either use the built-in Google feature or the Change Case add-on after selecting the text.

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