Debugger for 16F684 using PICKIT 3 in-circuit

I have attempted various solutions to fix the issue, including connecting Pickit 3 through a powered USB hub (2.0 and 3.0) which functioned for around two weeks but eventually stopped working. I also tried running as administrator and uninstalling all components such as the IDE, IPE, USB drivers (from device manager), and compilers. Additionally, I ensured that each pair of power pins had a 100nF – 1uF ceramic cap.


My knowledge is incomplete regarding the additional components required for in-circuit debugging of PIC 16F684, besides PIC KIT 3.

Do I need additional ICD header?

Is an RJ-11 adapter/cable necessary to connect PICKIT and header, or is it already included with the header?

Is there an alternative method to access the in-circuit debugging feature, without the need for those two components?


By selecting the device using Configure > Select Device in MPLAB, you will be informed if a separate debug header is required for the 16F684. The required AC162055 header is also mentioned on the product webpage. However, an adapter will be needed to use it with a PICkit since it comes with an
RJ11 connector

Debugging can only be performed using the simulator or by adding debug statements to your code and connecting it to your PC using a
serial connection
since the header is not available.

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