Creating a modal window through PHP echo and triggering it via onclick event

After experimenting with different methods, such as relocating the script and incorporating it into the AJAX request, as well as attempting to activate the .show function within the PHP script, I have encountered some difficulties. The PHP echo contains two parts, the modal box and the HTML output, whereas the script to activate the modal is separate. I am uncertain if I should add the script to an external file and call it within the PHP or if there are other alternatives. One potential solution is to include the script within the PHP echo, but all necessary dependencies, such as and , must be included on the page that will display the echoed data.


Can you assist me, please? I have a button that is generated by the


file and needs to trigger a modal in the


file. Any suggestions on how to achieve this?

PHP echo:


'. $row['title'] .'

'. $row['description'] .'



The initial section comprises the modal box, whereas the subsequent part displays the HTML output.

Script to triggger the modal:

Is it necessary to include the script in a separate file and invoke it within PHP, or is there an alternative method to accomplish this task? Gratitude.

Solution 1:

To ensure that the echoed data is rendered properly, it is important to include all dependencies such as




on the page. The script can be incorporated into the PHP echo function.

Solution 2:

The reason why PHP cannot directly trigger Javascript code is because it runs on the server, while Javascript runs on the client-side (such as the browser). Therefore, there is a need to find a way to instruct the browser to execute the code.

To avoid repetition, you may add the


to the PHP string you are constructing.


In case jQuery and
Bootstrap’s Javascript
are present in the DOM before the insertion of this button, clicking it will function as expected. If this is not the case, you can attempt to modify it to achieve the desired outcome.


By placing the code within the


section, it ensures that the browser executes it only after loading all external scripts. As stated by the Mozilla Developers Network.

The load event occurs when the document loading process is complete. At this stage, all elements in the document are present in the DOM, and all sub-frames, images, scripts, and links have finished loading.

Solution 3:

There are multiple methods to activate a modal. For instance, if you wish to launch a modal upon an onclick event, you can utilize a code similar to the following.

echo '<button onclick="$('#showmymodal').modal('show')">click to open modal</button>';

To activate the modal automatically whenever a PHP function is called, utilize the following code.

echo "";

My preference is to use the HTML onclick event directly.

I hope this helps someone

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