Certbot unable to bind to IPv4 or IPv6

How can I change the default directory for SSL certificates generated by certbot in CentOS7 from “/etc/letsencript/live/first-host” to “/etc/letsencript/default”?
One solution involves modifying the certbot-auto script by making two changes. The first change should be updated to [insert change], and the second change should be updated to [insert change].
Alternatively, it appears that this issue may arise during the process of upgrading your certbot package.


Attempting to execute the command

certbot renew

for updating an SSL certificate on Digital Ocean, I encounter an error message.

problem binding to port 80: could not bind to ipv4 or ipv6

The execution of the

netstat -plunt

command reveals that ‘docker-proxy’ utilizes the
port 80

Is stopping docker-proxy the solution to fix this issue? If so, what steps should I take to stop it?


Deactivate your http server and attempt again. Once completed, reactivate your http server.

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