Adding Ubuntu boot entry through msconfig

An entry is included in the boot options database of Windows in order to display the entries. As a solution, you need to modify the display time of other systems appearing during boot time by accessing msconfig.

Solution 1:

After some troubleshooting, I discovered that the solution was to create a separate partition and install Ubuntu there. I then utilized Easy BCD to add an entry to the Windows boot loader, which directed to Ubuntu’s GRUB boot loader located on the other partition.

Solution 2:

To install, first, you need to download Wubi and the Live ISO and save them in a folder. Then, run Wubi and boot the Live ISO. Proceed with the installation process. This will add an entry to the Windows boot options database. Later, as an administrator, you can use the command prompt within Windows to execute “bcdedit /?” to view available options and “bcdedit /enum” to list all the entries.

Solution 3:

To modify the boot time display of other operating systems, you need to make changes in msconfig. Are you immediately taken to Win7 upon starting your computer or do you see the GRUB menu?

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