Adding MongoDB to Metabase with a CA-Certificate for Authentication: A Step-by-Step Guide

The software architecture comprises Metabase as the dashboard component, Presto SQL/Trino as the intermediary, and a non-SQL supporting data source. The latest release (v0.34.0) of Metabase now includes support for variables and field filters in native Mongo Queries. If you wish to select a specific date using Metabase and MongoDB database, what approach should you take?


data visualization
, I rely on the Metabase tool.

Successfully connecting to a local
MongoDb instance
without a certificate was achieved by me.

I’m currently attempting to establish a connection with a MongoDb instance that mandates a ca-certificate file to enable only TLS 1.2 connections. However, the process of configuring this in Metabase is unfamiliar to me.

Here is an image capture of my attempt.

Metabase database connection setup

If the connection between Metabase and a database requires a ca-certificate, what is the method to establish the connection?


Consider reviewing the question and answer that explain the process of acquiring and employing an AWS certification.

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