Upgrading RHEL from version 6 to 7 on AWS EC2 instances

For general information on upgrades between major versions of RHEL, please refer to the question “Does Red Hat support upgrades between major versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux?


Can an EC2 instance be upgraded from
rhel 6 to rhel 7

To follow the recommended upgrade path provided by RHEL, the device must be registered with Subscription Management to receive updates.

On my device, the subscription status is indicated by



# subscription-manager list
    Installed Product Status
Product Name:   Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 
Product ID:     69 
Version:        6.8 Beta 
Arch:           x86_64 
Status:         Unknown 
Status Details: 

Has anyone managed to accomplish a prosperous EC2 instance upgrade?


Red Hat solely supports a limited number of hypervisors, and updating from RHEL6 to 7 is not supported on any public cloud platform.

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