Redis Error: Performing Operation on Incorrect Value Type for Key

When using Laravel with Redis, attempting to access a key via the get method can result in the error message “WRONGTYPE Operation against a key holding the wrong kind of value”. To access the key value, the following code is being used. If setting a value to the key via redis-cli, the value can be retrieved using HGET afterwards, however, it doesn’t work with node, even with an empty key. To resolve this issue, try using the provided code sample. It’s worth noting that setting up a String Key instead of a Hash key can lead to the same problem when retrieving keys.


Using Redis with php, an attempt to access a key via the get method resulted in an error.

opposing an inappropriate value type.

The code I’m utilizing aims to retrieve the hashkey value, specifically to access data stored in Redis.

$values = "l_messages"
$value = $redis->GET($values)


The reason behind this error is that you are attempting to use an incorrect operation to retrieve the key due to a mismatch in the data type of your object.

In order to obtain all values from the “l_messages” hash map, the appropriate command to use is “hgetall”. On the other hand, if “l_messages” is a set, then “smembers” should be used instead. It is important to note that different types of keys require different commands to retrieve their values.

To determine the type of a specific object, utilize the “type” command.

The complete reference for Redis in PHP using Predis can be found at

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