Making an effort to initiate the MySQL application

When I attempt to start the MySQL service, I encounter an error message saying “Attempting to start MySQL app..” and it fails to start. I have successfully started the Apache service, but I’m unable to start MySQL. Is there a solution to this issue?
I have attempted to resolve the problem by changing the port numbers, but the issue persists.
A Windows error message pops up stating that mysqld.exe has stopped working, and provides the following problem details.
The Xampp Control Panel also displays an error message with the following details.
I have also tried a solution that worked for some individuals facing the same problem.
XAMPP – MySQL unexpectedly shuts down.
I have examined the error logs to further investigate the issue.


After installing
Xampp server
on Windows 7, I accessed the control panel of xampp. When I attempted to start the Apache service, it was successful. However, when I clicked on the MySQL start button, I encountered an error message stating “Attempting to start MySQL app…”. Unfortunately, I was unable to start MySQL. Can anyone suggest a solution for this issue?

Solution 1:

Is there any other application currently using port 3306? Skype has been known to use this port, which might be causing the problem. To troubleshoot, try restarting your computer and then launching xampp before opening any other applications.

If this is unsuccessful, kindly share the error log.

Solution 2:

Navigate to the directory xampp/php/mysql/data and remove the file named arial_log. Afterward, proceed to start mysql.

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