Encountering Error Message No valid url specified During Kibana Sense Plugin Installation

To install a plugin for Kibana, the following command needs to be used. The Sense plugin is integrated into Kibana dev tools. Several approaches were attempted to install the Sense plugin, including downloading and unzipping it from the GitHub repository and pasting it into the Kibana-5.3.0-amd64/usr/share/kibana/plugins directory. However, the command specified in the ElasticSearch getting started guide seems to be outdated, and the only possible command is not working. Attempting to install the plugin by downloading it locally from https://download.elasticsearch.org/elasticsearch/sense/sense-2.0.0-beta7.tar.gz was also unsuccessful.


As per the ElasticSearch getting started guide, I am attempting to install the Sense plugin using the following method:

./bin/kibana plugin --install elastic/sense

The said command appears to be obsolete, and the only feasible option available is this one.

./bin/kibana-plugin install elastic/sense

But it doesn’t work:

Attempting to transfer from elastic/sense
Attempting to transfer from https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/kibana-plugins/elastic/sense/elastic/sense-5.0.1.zip
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "No valid url specified."

I attempted to locally download it from this link: https://download.elasticsearch.org/elasticsearch/sense/sense-2.0.0-beta7.tar.gz to perform the installation.

And then running:

./bin/kibana-plugin install file:

But I get this error:

Attempting to transfer from file:/Users/raquelalegre/workspace/ORACC/p4-search-tool/kibana-5.0.1-darwin-x86_64/sense-2.0.0-beta7.tar
Transferring 6363648 bytes....................
Transfer complete
Retrieving metadata from plugin archive
Error: Could not find the End of Central Directory Record
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "Error retrieving metadata from plugin archive"

I’m having trouble installing this and I’m unsure how to proceed. I would be extremely grateful for any assistance.

Solution 1:

It appears that the Sense plugin is redundant as Kibana (specifically version 5.0.1) already includes a console accessible from the DevTools menu.

To access Kibana’s DevTools on your local installation, simply select it from the left menu after opening http://

Solution 2:

bin/kibana plugin --install sense --url file:////sense-2.0.0-beta7.tar.gz

The command works for me without any problems.

Solution 3:

It appears that the complete file wasn’t downloaded when installing locally. Please verify this.

Solution 4:

The correctness of the second floor is shared by me too. I face the same issue as there exist significant variations across various versions. Specifically, in version 5.4.1, the problem is even more pronounced.

kibana plugin --install elastic/sense 

is deprecated.

To add a plugin to Kibana, the command that should be used is as follows.

./bin/kibana-plugin  install  "plugin name " 

The integration of the sense plugin is now available on
kibana dev tools

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