Altering the language of an app without modifying the system language or requiring phone rooting

I am integrating Tag Manager into my app and I would like the language of the Tag Manager value to automatically change when the user changes the app language. This language change can be done with a single button click in my app.
As a result, if the phone language is set to English, both the Mi Fit application and the Mi Band 3 will also be set to English. Messages in other languages, such as Persian, will not be displayed on the band.


I own a phone with an English language setting. Additionally, I have a Mi Band 3 installed with an Arabic package so I can view my friends’ messages in Persian (which uses the same characters as Arabic). If I want the Mi Band 3 to display Arabic characters, I would have to change the language setting of my phone to Arabic, which would also change the language of the Mi Fit application. However, I am certain that I do not want to make such a change. Is there a way to change the language of a specific application, in this case Mi Fit, without rooting the phone?

Solution 1:

It’s odd what you’re talking about because I don’t possess Arabic, but whatever I do have probably relates to it.

The language (and alphabet, if different) may be relevant in at least three distinct locations.

  1. System language/alphabet.

  2. Input language/alphabet.

  3. Displayed
    messages language

I possess two languages (
alphabet combinations
input (Samsung
Keyboard), but the system interface does not support both languages. However, this is not a problem since the first two aspects are addressed through distinct settings.

Regarding the messages that are displayed, I did not encounter any issues with WhatsApp and Viber showing messages in a different alphabet. The configuration of my phone does not play a role in this matter. The ability to display messages in that particular alphabet depends on the sender’s choice of input.

Solution 2:

The mi band 3, an intelligent wrist band, adjusts its language based on the Mi Fit application it is connected to. The language of the Mi Fit application is determined by the display language of the phone. So, if the phone language is set to English, both the Mi Fit application and the Mi Band 3 will be in English, and messages in other languages (such as Persian) will not be displayed on the band.

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