Transferring folder structure on Windows

Solution 3:
Robocopy replaces xcopy in Windows 7 and offers the ability to limit copies to a specific number of folder levels. For instance:
– It includes subfolders, even if they are empty (use a different command to exclude empty folders).
– It only copies the folder structure and files that have zero length.
– It restricts subfolder traversal to N levels, which includes the specified folder itself. It includes any immediate subfolders under the specified folder, but not their subfolders and so on.
For more information, refer to this link:
Solution 1:
You can utilize XXCOPY with the /T and /DL switches. Visit for further details.
Solution 2:
If you prefer not to use third-party programs, the native XCOPY command in Windows 7 can also duplicate a folder structure. This command will create the directory structure, including empty folders, but without copying the files.


The maven-resource-plugin can be utilized for purposes similar to this.


I’m uncertain about the possibility of configuring it to copy only the folders without their content. Additionally, you could explore the maven-copy-plugin, although it seems that you are not following the Maven approach.

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