Simultaneous Game Sharing on Nintendo Switch

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Game Sharing on the Switch
To start, power on the Switch with the installed games. Alternative solution:
No, digital games are connected to only one Nintendo account and can only be on one Switch at a time. However, you can transfer the account between Switches, although this process takes some time (approximately 5 minutes).

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The Nintendo Switch has a lesser-known capability that allows users to install a digital game on multiple devices using just one copy. Let’s find out how this feature functions.

What Is Game Sharing?

Game sharing is a method that enables you to utilize a solitary digital version of a game on multiple consoles, much like sharing a physical copy of a game. This is particularly beneficial for families or groups of friends with multiple consoles who wish to avoid purchasing the same game multiple times.

To enable game sharing between two devices, both devices must have a single Nintendo Account linked to their digital purchases on the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Game Sharing


Each device, when sharing games, is designated as either a primary console or a secondary console. The primary console grants complete online and offline access to all titles associated with the eShop account. Conversely, the account on the secondary console requires internet connectivity to play. Additionally, it is not possible for both Switches to play the same game simultaneously using the same Nintendo Account.

The surprisingly straightforward process involves a few simple steps on both devices.

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Game Sharing on the Switch

Begin by powering on the Switch with the installed games. Navigate to the Nintendo eShop on the Home screen by selecting the store button at the bottom, and choose the account containing the desired games for sharing.

Nintendo Switch eShop Log-in


Click on your player icon in the upper right corner, and then scroll to the bottom of the page on the right side. From there, you will find an option called “Primary Console.” Choose “Deregister” to make the Switch a secondary device. You can modify this setting at a later time.

To log into the second Nintendo Switch, access System Settings and select Add User. This will register the device as the Primary Console. Then, proceed to redownload the desired title from the eShop.

Nintendo Switch Add User

By deregistering the Switch with the Primary Account, you can easily swap the primary and secondary accounts, resulting in automatic permission changes.

The Pros and Cons of Game Sharing

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The greatest advantage of this procedure is the potential for substantial savings. This is particularly noticeable with first-party Nintendo games, which typically carry a price tag of $60 each and rank among the platform’s most sought-after titles. Thanks to regular sales on the eShop, digital games are often available at a more affordable price.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of limitations regarding Switch game sharing. Primarily, secondary consoles always require an internet connection for gameplay. This is due to Nintendo’s online verification process that is initiated upon launching the software, ensuring game ownership.


Please note that both consoles cannot play the same game simultaneously when logged into a single account. However, this limitation does not apply to a second Nintendo account. By creating an additional account on the secondary device and selecting it when playing, both devices can run the same game at the same time. However, in order to play online multiplayer together, a second Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required.

The final precaution is that this method is not applicable for local multiplayer gaming. This is due to the need to disable the Switch’s internet modem when playing locally. Hence, you can either play online or play together using a single console.

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