Local Testing and Development for AWS API Gateway

Is it possible to replicate this process using AWS? I currently have a Python setup on Elastic Beanstalk which utilizes Amazon RDS. Alternatively, would I need to perform the task within an AWS ecosystem?


Is there a way to replicate the behavior of AWS WebSocket in my
local machine
so that I can test my
functions locally
using it (
API gateway
) without having to deploy minor changes to my Lambda function constantly?


Solution 1:

We are currently in a state of disappointment as we have not yet received the necessary support for local sam in version 2 of
API Gateway

The issue can be found on the GitHub repository of AWS Labs for the AWS SAM CLI.

Solution 2:

I discovered a solution known as
-ws-server that envelops the routes with a websocket server, enabling it to function as both a local and AWS Lambda deployment.

It is my hope that this will assist future individuals!

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