Listed: Is it on the list or in the list?

To differentiate between list and map results, a simple line separator can be used with list results displayed at the top and map results at the bottom. In case users struggle to identify the related results, adding two icons or other visual indications at the respective first results can be helpful. While it is preferred that the be verb matches the subject’s number, when writing an expletive sentence, it sounds more natural if the verb corresponds to the first item in the list.


The teacher’s statement of “You are excluded” seems peculiar.

The teacher’s cheat list will either include your name or it won’t.

Not being included in the list does not necessarily mean that you have been excluded.

Being excluded implies that you have been hindered from joining or being a part of it.

You need to discuss the roster containing the names of students who cheated, as it is separate from the fact that the students themselves engaged in cheating.

Therefore, the educator must notify you.

Rest assured, you have not been listed among the individuals who engaged in cheating.

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