Is it possible to save or send iPhone voicemail messages?

While searching for a solution, I discovered some .amr files that were not completely erased. It is worth noting that deleted .amr files are not completely removed until they are cleared from Deleted Messages. The most viable option to recover them is to obtain them from an iTunes backup. If you have recently backed up your iPhone to an iTunes on a Mac, then you can retrieve your voicemails from the old backup using applications like PhoneView ($30) or iExplorer ($40).

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Prior to iOS 9.0, the process of saving a voicemail message was complicated and required the use of third-party applications or even external recording devices. However, iOS 9 streamlines this task by incorporating a share sheet directly into the voicemail interface.

Visual Voicemail is a prerequisite for this feature to function. Therefore, if you must call a number to access your voicemails, this method will not be suitable for you.

The preservation of voicemails may seem insignificant, but it can serve multiple purposes. For instance, a sentimental value is attached to the last message from a deceased relative, which my wife insisted on keeping as a backup outside the voicemail system. On a more practical note, when someone left a message intended for my son, I simply forwarded it to him as a text message so that he could listen to it himself.

To save a message, simply tap on it and then select the Share option located next to the Info button.

Similar to the share sheets in iOS, you will be presented with a roster of apps that are available for sharing voicemails, including pre-installed apps such as Mail, Notes, and Messages. Simply select any of them to share your voicemail.

To access additional options for sharing, navigate to the right side of the top menu and select More. From there, you can choose from a variety of activities to associate with the share and enable any that you desire. These options will then be added to the main menu for future use.

Upon file sharing, the saved format is .M4A, which is a standard format allowing for easy playback or conversion using other applications if necessary.

This tip is incredibly simple, but it may be useful if you receive a drunken voicemail from your boss that you’re excited to share with your friends.

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