Granting Users Read-Only Permissions in SharePoint Online

There are four sites, namely Site A, B, C, and D. As a company, we want to restrict user “Jack” from accessing Sites A, C, and D. However, he should be allowed to view and make changes to Site B. To implement this, access the SharePoint admin section by clicking on Admin at the top right corner of your screen, and manage the site collections accordingly.



After creating a customer team site, I want to grant a particular user with Read only permission. I added the user name to the read only permission group, but when the user tries to access the site, it asks for permission. I logged in as an admin to approve the request, but when I switched back to the user’s account, it still asked for permission. If I grant full control, the user can access the site. Can someone advise me on how to give specific access to the user without granting full control?

Thanks in advance.


Hi All,

In order to proceed with my scenario, it is necessary to publish all files from the admin account. Upon completion of the check-in process for all pages and files, the versions can be published. After this is done, I will have the ability to adjust the permission level of the site according to my needs.


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