Exporting iMessage Conversations to .txt or .pdf Format: A Guide for Mac Users

In case of emergency, you can obtain a physical copy of your text message conversations directly from your device if your printer is compatible with Apple’s AirPrint or Google Cloud Print on Android devices. The process of printing out your text message conversations is explained below.


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How can I export SMS text messages from my iPhone?

Solution 1:

  1. Get

  2. It is now exported.

In what format do you prefer the export to be? At present, the format is sqlite, which can be transformed to ASCII through this code:

sqlite3 sms.db .dump > sms.db.txt


To begin, you have the option of either jailbreaking and then using scp or simply checking your backup folder for the file. No jailbreak is necessary for the latter option.

If your phone has not undergone jailbreaking, search for it on OS X at:

~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup//

As per numerous online sources, it is referred to as such in my situation, although it may not be the case for everyone.


Regarding your other inquiries, the operating system can be any, the software is free, and the outcome is a success.

Solution 2:

AllYourTexts – free – Windows

Just to be transparent, I wrote this piece.

  • Enables you to check out both text messages and
    MMS data
    on your computer.
  • Allows for the conversion of data into either plaintext or HTML format.
  • Displays visual representations in the form of graphs that depict your texting patterns across a period of time.

As I searched for a resolution, I discovered that the third-party options available were either too expensive or inadequately crafted. Consequently, I created my own solution.

Solution 3:

As you mentioned, PhoneView is exclusively available for Mac OS X and requires payment, but it is the tool I depend on.

The developers of this product are very responsive to new releases of iOS, providing quick updates. I have received support for pre-release/beta versions of iOS and iTunes, with prompt replies to my support emails. Additionally, the developers have provided me with custom builds twice to help me manage my devices for iOS development with pre-release iOS versions.

PhoneView has proven to be a dependable tool for me in salvaging data from a phone that iTunes deemed broken and in need of erasing and restoration. It has served as a versatile solution to address various limitations that iTunes and Xcode may encounter.

Solution 4:

To transfer my iPhone SMS and iMessage texts to my computer, I utilized CopyTrans Contacts for Windows (uncertain if it’s compatible with Mac).

This is where I discovered the method for exporting SMS from an iPhone.

The cost is unknown to me since I utilized their complimentary version to export over a hundred messages. It appears that payment may be required for exporting a considerable amount of SMS text messages.

export iphone sms

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