Enhance the ability to oversee Azure subscriptions and management groups

Azure AD and Azure roles have distinct access privileges, where Azure AD role assignments do not grant access to Azure resources, and Azure role assignments do not grant access to Azure AD. Additionally, classic subscription administrator roles, Azure roles, and Azure AD roles are available for managing access permissions.
If you need to add or modify Azure administrator roles, follow these steps.
Also, learn how to access your Azure billing invoice and daily usage data.

Solution 1:

In an Azure subscription, there can be only one Account Administrator, but you have the option to add multiple owners. All the owners are authorized to utilize the subscription.

Please consult this document for further information.

Visit the Microsoft Azure documentation website to learn how to add or modify a subscription administrator for cost management and billing.

Solution 2:

As per the latest documentation from Microsoft, it is stated that there can be multiple Account Administrators, but only one Subscription Administrator.

Learn how to add or modify the subscription administrator in your azure cost management and billing account by referring to the documentation available at the following link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cost-management-billing/manage/add-change-subscription-administrator

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