Enabling Always Run as Administrator for Visual Studio 2019 via Recent Solutions List in the Start Bar

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and now I need a desktop shortcut for Visual Studio instead of a taskbar icon. The current option is to run it as an administrator, but I prefer a desktop shortcut.


I recently made the switch to Windows 10 and also upgraded to
Visual Studio

In the past, before the
upgrade, Visual Studio
update, I used to run everything as Administrator. I didn’t pay much attention to it then, but now that it’s no longer available, it’s causing me difficulties.

The main issue is the inability to load my projects that are associated with my local IIS instance.

Typically, I access Visual Studio by clicking on its icon in the start bar. Currently, the process is as follows:

  1. To access my solution, simply right click on the icon located on the start bar.
  2. Upon loading, I notice that the primary project did not load.
  3. Shut down Visual Studio and then reopen it with administrator privileges.
  4. Select my proposed solution and proceed with the loading process.

I prefer to only perform task #1. Is there a way to modify the start bar shortcut to always launch as Administrator?


It has been discovered that Visual Studio employs varying permissions when accessing the shortcut options provided in the start menu, such as directly loading a recent solution.

The action of choosing the Properties->Advanced->”Run as Administrator” did not result in the execution of these programs with administrative privileges.

But this did it:

  • Locate the code


    Visual Studio’s executable
  • To troubleshoot compatibility, simply right-click on it and choose the “Troubleshoot Compatibility” option.
  • Click on Troubleshoot Program on the Troubleshooter window of
    Program Compatibility
  • Ensure that the program necessitates extra permissions and proceed by selecting Next.
  • Clicking on the Test the program option on the subsequent window will open VS as an administrator.
  • Proceed to the next step and select “Yes” to save these settings specifically for this program.

From now on, Visual Studio will consistently operate in administrator mode.

(Extracted from: https://ppolyzos.com/2017/08/08/always-execute-

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