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To re-transmit DocuSign Connect updates, access your sandbox or DocuSign account and choose “Go to the Admin” from the profile drop down located at the top right corner. As for my REST API call, it follows the same format as the sample code in the DocuSign REST API implementation.


As a newcomer to
DocuSign integration
in SalesForce, I utilize DocuSign and
Salesforce connected
through connect settings to send a
DocuSign document
from a
custom object
in SalesForce. The issue is that the DocuSign Recipient Status and
docusign status
are not populating on the related list of the custom object, despite the “dsfs__DocuSign_Status__c succeeded” message appearing in the DocuSign logs. DocuSign Customer Support has verified that my connect settings on both platforms are correct, but they are unable to assist further due to the REST API integration. I have followed the sample code in
docusign rest api
implementation, but I am unsure how to establish the relationship between the custom object and the envelope. This lack of documentation may be contributing to the issue, and I would appreciate any assistance as I am working under a tight deadline.


In case the Custom Object in SFDC is not showing DocuSign Status and DocuSign Recipient Status, it is likely that there is a configuration error. It is recommended to double-check that all settings have been properly configured in both DocuSign and SFDC, following the instructions provided in this article:


Your comment below includes a
SOAP code
snippet that appears to add a custom field to the Envelope. Am I correct in assuming that you’re using the REST API to create the Envelope? If that’s the case, the REST API request to add
custom field
while creating the Envelope in a similar manner as your SOAP snippet would be equivalent.

POST /v2/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes
    "emailSubject": "EMAIL_SUBJECT",
    "emailBlurb": "EMAIL_BLURB",
    "customFields": {
        "textCustomFields": [
                "name": "DSFSSourceObjectId",
                "value": "ID_OF_THE_CUSTOM_OBJECT_IN_SALESFORCE",
                "show": "false"

Please note that the example request includes emailSubject and emailBlurb properties only to demonstrate that customFields is a primary property in the “Create Envelope” request. Your “Create Envelope” request may or may not include emailSubject and emailBlurb based on your implementation specifics, and it will likely contain additional properties not shown in the example. The key takeaway here is that to add a custom field when creating an Envelope using the REST API, the customFields property must be included as a top-level property in the request body, as demonstrated in the example above.

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