Disabling job notifications on LinkedIn: A step-by-step guide

Application settings allow you to decide whether to retain the information from job applications made through LinkedIn’s integrated application feature for future use. LinkedIn is commonly utilized by recruiters to identify skilled individuals who are interested in exploring new career prospects.

LinkedIn showing someone viewed your profile

When using LinkedIn, it is common for the platform to notify others that you have viewed their profiles, disclosing your name. In fact, the person whose profile you viewed may even receive an email or notification informing them of your visit. To maintain privacy and prevent LinkedIn from sharing this information, follow these steps to browse profiles anonymously.

Opting for anonymity on a social network may appear unconventional, as other platforms like Facebook and Twitter don’t notify users when their profiles are viewed.

To locate this feature, navigate to the LinkedIn site, click on your profile icon in the top toolbar, and choose the “Settings & Privacy” option.

Opening LinkedIn settings

Navigate to Privacy and select “How others see your profile and network information.” Then, choose “Profile viewing options.

LinkedIn profile viewing privacy options

Choose your preferred appearance on LinkedIn. You have the option to choose “Anonymous LinkedIn Member” for complete private browsing or select specific characteristics for your private profile, which could be displayed as either “Someone on LinkedIn” or something more specific.


After you visit someone’s profile, they will still be able to see that their profile was viewed, but they will only know that it was viewed by an anonymous individual.

Option to stop LinkedIn from sharing your name with someone when you view their profile

On this settings page, LinkedIn cautions about a single drawback: once you opt for anonymity, you won’t be able to see the names of individuals who view your profile.

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