CSS Outline Explained


The outline-style property is used to determine the style of the line that surrounds an element. It accepts various values, including:

  • The absence of a border is indicated by none. This is the same as setting
    -width to 0.
  • Outline refers to a solitary solid line.
  • Outline consists of a sequence of dotted marks.
  • The outline consists of a sequence of dashed lines.
  • The outline consists of two solid lines.
  • The groove gives the impression of an outline that appears to be carved into the page.
  • The ridge is the exact opposite of a groove in terms of its outline.
  • The use of an inset creates the illusion that the box is integrated within the page, giving it an embedded appearance.
  • At the beginning, the outline creates the appearance of the box protruding from the canvas.
  • It has the same meaning as “none.


To implement the outline-style property, you may attempt running the provided code.


This text is having thin solid outline.

This text is having thick dashed outline.

This text is having 5x dotted outline.

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