Adding Videos to Your PowerPoint Presentation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Take a look at our guide on sending PowerPoint presentations with videos. Additionally, if you’re in the process of creating a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, you can easily insert a PDF Document by following these simple steps.

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Enhance your Microsoft
PowerPoint presentation
presentations by incorporating videos. We’ll teach you how to seamlessly add videos and make your presentations more engaging.

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Embedding Videos
– Embedding Videos and Controlling Playback in PowerPoint
Video Formats
Learn how to easily insert and manage videos in your PowerPoint presentations
PowerPoint Presentation
and control their playback
embedded video

Embedding Videos Versus Linking to Videos

When using PowerPoint, you have the option to either embed a video or
link to a video
it from your presentation. However, embedding a video will cause the video to be incorporated into the presentation, thus enlarging the overall size of the file.

How to Send PowerPoint Presentations With an Embedded Video


How to Send
PowerPoint Presentations
With an
Embedded Video

Incorporating a
video, PowerPoint
in your presentation merely includes a reference to the video. However, if you share your presentation with others, you must send the
Video File
separately. To learn how to send
PowerPoint presentations
along with videos, we have provided a guide for your reference.

This guide will demonstrate how to embed a video in your presentation, eliminating the need to send separate files. Additionally, if you want to include a
YouTube Video
in your presentation, there is also a method to do so.

Learn the process of incorporating a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation.

Supported Video Formats in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has the ability to support a variety of video formats such as ASF, AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, and WMV. If your video file is already in any of these formats, you can easily incorporate it into your presentation.

In case your video is in an unsupported format, you can transform it into a compatible format before incorporating it into your presentation.

Discover how to convert video files to any format with Handbrake in this informative article.

How to Insert a Video Into a PowerPoint Presentation

Before you proceed, ensure that the video you intend to include in your presentation is saved on your Windows or Mac device. Afterward, launch PowerPoint on your computer to access your presentation.

In the
left sidebar
of the PowerPoint window, select the slide where you wish to include a video.

Click on the ”
Insert” tab
” located at the uppermost part of the PowerPoint window.

To access the video feature, go to the “Insert” tab and select “Video” located within the “Media” section on the far right of the interface.

Under the “From” menu, labeled as ”
Insert Video
“, you can opt for “This Device” as your selection.

Select "This Device" from the "Insert Video From" menu in PowerPoint.

When you open the standard “open” window on your computer, locate the folder that contains your
video file
and navigate to it using
window, access
. Once you have found the folder, simply double-click the video file to include it in your presentation.

Observe your chosen video incorporated in your presentation. To adjust its size, click on the video and use the handles surrounding it to resize it. Then relocate the video to your preferred area on the slide.

Resize and reposition a video in PowerPoint.

Click on the
play icon
located at the bottom-
left corner
of the video to test it.

And you’re all set.

Manage an Embedded Video’s Playback in PowerPoint

After adding
video to your presentation
to your slides, there are various options in PowerPoint to modify its playback.

To open the playback options, begin by selecting the video in your presentation. Then, navigate to the top of the PowerPoint interface and click on the “Playback” button.

Under the “Video Options” section located in the “Playback” tab, you can access a range of features that allow you to control the playback of your video.

Manage video's playback with the "Video Options" in the "Playback" tab in PowerPoint.

To modify the beginning of your video playback during your presentation, simply access the “Start” menu and pick from the available options.

  • When using the click sequence, your video will be played alongside the slides. This implies that when you click on the next slide button, the video will also play.
  • Upon opening the slide containing your video,
    automatically plays
    will trigger the automatic playback of your video.
  • To initiate the playback of your video, you need to click on the option that says “When Clicked On”.

Among the available choices, you can select “Play Full Screen,” which opens your video in full screen mode, or “Loop Until Stopped,” which continuously plays your video until you manually stop it.

Ensure that your presentation is saved along with the embedded video by clicking on the File menu in PowerPoint and selecting Save before
close PowerPoint

By incorporating videos into your PowerPoint presentations, you can enhance their level of engagement. How thrilling!

To enhance the quality of your presentation, you may opt to include audio using
add music
even if you choose not to add a video.

Learn the process of incorporating music into your PowerPoint presentation with these helpful tips.

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