Utilizing JavaScript to navigate to a specific section within a webpage upon clicking an inline element

Alternative 2: Navigate to or scroll to a specific div id without modifying the URL. However, while attempting this approach with Nextjs and desiring a seamless transition to a lower element, I encountered an issue. This issue pertains to Nextjs and Typescript.


I have a button as an image…

I require the implementation of javascript within an onclick event, which, upon clicking, will redirect to a local anchor. An instance of this would be:

How can I do this?

Update: This is the code I’m using:

onclick="document.location=#goToPage';return false;"

Solution 1:

The solution provided in the accepted answer has a significant drawback – it can only be utilized once. Subsequent clicks will add


to the URL, but the window will not navigate to the anchor.

An alternative is to eliminate the anchor portion prior to adding a new anchor.

function goToAnchor(anchor) {
  var loc = document.location.toString().split('#')[0];
  document.location = loc + '#' + anchor;
  return false;

Usage example:


Please note that the anchor should be enclosed in quotation marks, and the hash prefix should be omitted.

Solution 2:

The suggested value for


appears appropriate.

onclick="document.location+='#goToPage';return false;" 

Solution 3:

Enclose it with an anchor tag without the requirement of JavaScript.

Solution 4:

Experiment with the forward slash (/) to designate the root or a specific folder, enabling its repeated usage.

onclick="document.location='/#goToPage';return false;" 
onclick="document.location='/folder/#goToPage';return false;" 

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