Using R for Coding: Installation and Examples

To add more R packages, you can use the installation method provided, but it should be noted that these packages won’t be accessible by other Execute R Script components.

How to Install R

Visit to download the most recent release of R, compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux, and proceed with the installation.

Once R has been downloaded and installed, it is possible to execute it on your computer.

The image captured below depicts the possible appearance of R execution on a Windows operating system.

Upon typing

5 + 5

and hitting enter, the output presented by R is



Learning R at W3Schools

At, you have access to our “Try it Yourself” tool while learning R. This feature allows you to view both the code and its output in your browser, making it simpler to comprehend and test each aspect as we progress.

5 + 5


[1] 10

Try it Yourself ยป

Frequently Asked Questions

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