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Usually, smaller images appear blurry on HiDPI screens because they attempt to enlarge a 500px x 500px image to a display size of 1500px x 1500px. I understand that resolving this issue necessitates an equation to adjust the ratio according to the screen width, but I lack knowledge or experience in configuring such adjustments.


I possess an
square picture
that I wish to upload as a
Twitter header
image without any zooming or loss of the background. Ideally, I would prefer to keep the picture intact. Is it feasible to maintain the original image with white borders, considering that Twitter headers are typically in a landscape format?

Thank you in advance.


To prevent Twitter from scaling your graphic to cover the banner, ensure that the header banner is set to dimensions of 1500px by 500px. Create a document of this size in your preferred graphics editing program, and place your square image inside, scaling it accordingly.

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