Standing plans encompass programs and projects

The process of estimating a project is similar for both project templates and projects themselves. However, it is necessary to establish the necessary conditions for project templates, just as one would for individual projects.


Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation has transformed and is now called Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Further details can be found in the Project Service Automation Transition.

This is relevant for version 3.x of the Project Service app.

A predefined framework, known as a project template, enables you to initiate a project with ease and speed. To create a new project, you can simply select a pre-existing template. However, before using a project template, it is essential to specify the necessary prerequisites. Each project template requires a project calendar, and the organization must define the roles and price lists beforehand, in order to ensure that the template’s components contain relevant and useful data.

A schedule, project estimates, and project team members are the three components that make up a project template.


In both project templates and projects, the schedule comprises of similar elements. Tasks can be organized hierarchically, roles can be linked to tasks, schedule attributes can be established, and dependencies can be set. Additionally, task modes are available for each task in a project template, which enables support for the scheduling engine. To establish a work schedule, a project calendar must be associated with the project. Notably, there is no difference in creating a work schedule between a project template and a project.

Project estimates

In a project template, project estimates function similarly to those in a project. However, they retrieve the cost and sales prices from the default price lists established in the parameters.

Creating a project from a template

There exist multiple methods of generating a project using a project template.

  • In the Quick Create: Project dialog box, you have the option to choose a project template when starting a project from a quote.

Quick Create: Project dialog box.

  • Upon selection of “New Project”, the page for creating a project will be displayed, prior to saving the record. From the “Pick a Template” field, you can choose one of the pre-existing project templates available within the organization.
  • Employ “Create Project from a Template” function located on the page of the Template Entity.

Copying components of template to project

The occurrence of overrides when copying components of a project template to a project is dependent on the project’s settings.

Copying the schedule

When duplicating a project template’s schedule, the task schedule will adopt the project’s calendar’s work hours if it differs from the template. This results in the schedule being modified to align with the project calendar. Additionally, the initial task will inherit the project’s start date, and the remaining hierarchy’s schedule will be revised according to the template’s duration and dependencies.

Copying project estimates

Copying project estimate lines results in the update of price lists. The cost price list is updated based on the project’s owning unit while the sales price list is updated based on the customer. When a project is linked with a sales entity, the unit cost and sales prices are determined according to these updated price lists.

Copying a project team

During the process of copying a project team from a template to a new project, the skills and proficiencies of the generic resources defined in the template are also copied. Moreover, the generic resource assignments are preserved as they were in the project template. It is important to note that project templates do not support named resources.

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