Languages that can be compiled into C/C++ source code?

Compiled languages and Interpreted languages, referred to as scripts, differ in the way they are executed. Compiled languages are often considered as the standard option in contrast to scripting/interpreted languages.


CoffeeScript is my preferred tool for simplifying JavaScript development. Its syntax is straightforward and it can be compiled into JavaScript.

programming languages
have been recognized as reliable tools to streamline syntax and/or improve functionality in the production of C/C++ source code?

Solution 1:

Haxe is capable of generating code for multiple platforms including C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Flash, Python (in experimental mode), and NekoVM.

Solution 2:

GObject is a type system utilized by GTK, while Vala and Genie are programming languages that employ this system and can be compiled into C code. Although I have not had the opportunity to use them, they appear to be intriguing. Moreover, it is worth noting that GObject is distinct from GTK and can be utilized independently.

Solution 3:

The Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) once offered a choice (


) that allowed compiling to C.

In my opinion, beginning from version 7, native code is generated using LLVM instead of relying on an external C compiler.

Solution 4:

OOC is very new but quite nice.

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