Enforcing HTTP instead of HTTPS for a website

KB SSL Enforcer is a Chrome extension that ensures the use of HTTPS instead of HTTP on specified sites. The extension compels websites to adopt HTTPS, even if they are currently using HTTP for all their content. The presence of both HTTP and HTTPS on a website indicates a configuration issue.

Solution 1:

It is not possible as the host determines the requests it accepts, and both Google and Facebook exclusively use HTTPS. Any attempt to use HTTP will simply result in a redirect to HTTPS.

Solution 2:

Yes, but it’s non-sense.

It is not uncommon to come across websites that offer the same content through both protocols. This means that you can access the same content using
. However, if a website has HTTPS configured, there is usually a specific reason for it. In some cases, you may find that certain pages can only be accessed through HTTPS. Alternatively, it is also possible, although less common, to find that only a portion of a website’s content is accessible through HTTP. Keep in mind that attempting to force your browser to use HTTP only may not provide access to all the content on secure websites. If you encounter a website that exposes all its content through both HTTP and HTTPS, it indicates a configuration problem with the site.

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