Duplicate: Salesforce Lightning’s Multiselect Picklist

For those experiencing the same issue, Solution 2 is available in this blog post which explains how to retrieve all selected records from a multi-select picklist in Lightning Flow. Alternatively, Solution 3 involves using a downloadable Apex action component provided by Accidental Coder SF. This component parses and converts Multi Select Picklist values in a Flow to a Collection Variable, and more information can be found here: https://www.accidentalcodersf.com/2021/01/parse-multi-select-picklist-values-flow.html. A question has been raised about displaying three different picklist field values in an input form using a Lightning component. These picklist values are populated by a record choice set.


I’m interested in utilizing the multi-select option
within the Lightning platform.

Can any one help me with code?

Solution 1:

One way to fulfill this criteria is to generate personalized multi-
select picklist

  1. Generate a pair of divisions, one designated for Available Contacts and the other for Selected Contacts.
  2. Add two button Removed and Add.
  3. Utilize a wrapper class to manage the data.

Solution 2:

The lightning duallistbox with the ID
base component
is an impressive feature worth trying out. Nonetheless, you must retrieve the list of values from the server and pass them as the component’s options attribute.


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