Discovering the JAR file associated with a specific class: A guide

I’m interested in determining the external classes and methods that are utilized by the classes within a JAR file. This compact command-line utility is designed to scan for the usage of classes or packages within JARs or directories that contain classes.


I need assistance in determining the JAR file that contains a specific class. Any help would be appreciated!

Solution 1:

Take a glance at
as it can provide assistance.

Solution 2:

  • Class Locator an eclipse plugin which may help you, if you are using eclipse.

  • to find it from internet.

  • Also
    jboss tattletale

Solution 3:

In Eclipse, the search for targets can be done by using the shortcut ctrl+shift+t. Simply provide the class name and it will display the relevant jars. It is important to note that these jars need to be attached to the build paths.

Solution 4:

If you require the runtime location of a class, you can attempt the following:


However, it should be noted that


may yield


for certain classes, such as those from



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