Creating Reminders for Private Channels in Slack

The solution may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it is effective. To implement it, a generic admin user like @slackadmin must be created. Only admins should be allowed to create new private channels, and removing users from private channels should also be restricted to admins. All newly created private channels should have the admin team, @slackadmin, as a member. This approach enables @slackadmin and any apps installed by this user to have complete access to all private channels, given the correct scopes. It is a crucial aspect of Slack’s security structure that users can only view channels they are members of or have been granted access to via their access token, with the exception of public channels.


Using the

/remind #public-channel

, I am capable of creating a slack reminder, however, there isn’t an alternative for
private channel

Solution 1:

Discovered a resolution for this issue. If encountering a
, utilize the built-in


command on Slack using the subsequent method:

Set a daily reminder for @channel on weekdays at 2pm to begin the daily standup.

You have two options to choose from:
– Use


to send reminders exclusively to online users.
– Use


to send reminders to all channel members, regardless of their online status.

I employed a clever technique with my personal
slack channel
, which is not documented on Slack, but it is effective.

Solution 2:

I managed to establish a reminder for the exclusive channel by referring to it as
public channel
while doing so.

Channel name :


/remind #private-channel at 9AM every weekday to Start standup

The channel was not visible in the list when


was used, but it became functional after the reminder was submitted.

Solution 3:

Experiment with the subsequent action within the confined channel: Set a reminder for @here to dispatch the cost report on every weekday at 9AM.

Solution 4:

To post a message in a private channel using Slack workflows, simply search for “Create a workflow” after clicking on the lightning icon. The process is quite simple from that point onwards.

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