Creating a personalized burndown chart for a particular iteration’s stories

To track progress, a burndown chart is preferred, where X-axis represents the duration from start to end date, and Y-axis shows the remaining work and planned work. However, I am facing difficulty in creating this chart in Excel. You can try adding another clause to your find for iteration, and referring to the Lookback API docs for assistance. Additionally, I am searching for a program that can generate burndown charts without assuming that every passing day means progress for the current sprint.


I’m struggling to create a unique
burndown chart
for stories belonging to a specific iteration. The customization should differentiate between accepted stories created during the current iteration and continued stories carried forward from the previous sprint (with a distinct bar color). Despite going through various chart guides and examples, I’m unable to determine the query for stories within an iteration. Although the rally guides provide a chart with stories from a portfolio item, it’s not relevant in my case. I appreciate any assistance in this matter.


Are you referring to querying this information through the Lookback API?

To iterate, simply add an additional clause to your find statement.

find: {
    _TypeHierarchy: 'HierarchicalRequirement',
    Children: null,
    Iteration: 12345 // <-- your iteration oid

You might find the Lookback
API docs
useful, which can be accessed at https://

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