Code example for using IIS Express as a proxy for external requests



For some time now, I have been encountering difficulties while attempting to execute a service or any other task on
. Additionally, I have been trying to access it from other devices such as Android, iOS, Win-Phone, or Xamarin applications via WebApi
WCF service
for debugging purposes.

While attempting to accomplish this task, I have faced numerous difficulties. Despite coming across several suggestions on how to proceed, none of them proved effective for me and were quite complex, especially in the absence of a static IP.


I stumbled upon an uncomplicated open source iis-express for node.js and decided to share it to save people time.

The application effortlessly creates a temporary proxy on a designated port in iis-express, providing efficient functionality with ease.

Just install it with npm:

npm install -g iisexpress-proxy

And then run

iisexpress-proxy localPort to proxyPort

Ensure that you have installed node.js and that the firewall is not blocking any ports.

Hope it helps

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