Capturing Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Phones: A Step-by-Step Guide

Guide on Capturing Selective Screenshots or GIFs
By utilizing Samsung’s Edge Panels, you have access to a variety of tools in the smart select panel that enable you to perform impressive actions with screenshots. These include capturing specific areas of the screen in rectangular or oval shapes, creating GIFs, or even pinning a portion of an image as an overlay for easy reference.
How to Capture Screenshots on the Galaxy S7 (and Older Models)
As Samsung incorporated a dedicated physical home button on all their phones before the S8, the process of taking screenshots differs slightly on those devices.


Is there anyone who knows the method to disable this screen?

Furthermore, the phone displays a message (Toast) when attempting to capture a screenshot.

Security policy prevents the ability to
capture screenshot


Despite the suggestion to revise the policy, it proved ineffective in resolving the issue outlined in

Menu --> Settings --> Lockscreen & Security --> Other Security Settings --> Security Policy Updates


Screen photo

Solution 1:

Navigate to

Phone Settings --> Developer Options --> Simulate Secondary Displays

and switch it to


. If

Developer Options

is not visible in the

settings menu

(it should be located at the bottom), proceed to

Settings ==> About phone

and tap on the

Build number

multiple times.

Solution 2:

After updating my phone, I encountered the message “security policy prevents use of camera.” Despite researching online, the only solution I came across was to reset my phone. Consequently, I stopped using the camera altogether.

I previously had a paid app called ‘camera blocker’ that I manually installed and used. It occurred to me one day that this app might have some functionality.

I attempted to uninstall the program but encountered a restriction. I noticed a small button indicating that the app had administrative control. Consequently, I accessed the page containing apps under administrative control and disabled it. Afterward, I uninstalled the camera blocker app from the settings within the camera blocker app itself.

All of a sudden, my camera became accessible!

Rephrased MSDTHOT:”””
After enduring weeks without a camera, I found myself in desperate need of it on multiple occasions. Thankfully, the issue has now been resolved!

Solution 3:

In order to have FaceProvider in


, one of the following must be true:




, or


. This condition is satisfied only when it is


, either


, or



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