An Example Code for Ethereum Contract Address on Etherscan

The endpoint’s description is available at By accessing, the resulting JSON will contain “. However, it is important to note that this API will only return the contract name if it has been verified. It should be acknowledged that there isn’t a registry that can assign human-readable names to smart contract addresses, making it impossible to fulfill your request.


It’s effortless to locate a contract on Etherscan. To illustrate, consider the following instance:

The code for the address 0x80fB784B7eD66730e8b1DBd9820aFD29931aab03 can be found on

The contract’s creation and installation location is indicated by the address
contract address
, which is mentioned on the webpage as 0x80fB784B7eD66730e8b1DBd9820aFD29931aab03.

On the web page, there is a Contract source code located in the center. However, the source code contains various Contract declarations. This raises the question of whether multiple contracts were created and installed. Additionally, if there are multiple Contracts, who has the
Contract address
located at the top of the web page?


By clicking on the “outline” button, you will notice that a contract name is highlighted in bold with a star at the end. This contract pertains to the address you are currently viewing. Additionally, please refer to

for further assistance.

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