Altering the Size of Files: A Guide

If the specified file size is smaller than the actual size, extra data will be lost when reducing the file size. The truncate command can be used to set the file size to zero and remove its contents. Additionally, using the “–version” option outputs version information and exits.

Solution 1:

To provide you with a set, simply utilize the command “fsutil”.

To create a single File use:

fsutil file createnew E:filename.txt 5000

Generate a file named filename.txt with a size of 5MB.

For doing it in Powershell:

$f = new-object System.IO.FileStream E:filename.txt, Create, ReadWrite

Hope this helps

Solution 2:

The size of an existing file is determined by the amount of information it contains. Modifying the file size manually is not possible without adding or removing information from it.

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