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In this tutorial, I am utilizing a Galaxy S7 Edge. However, the steps are applicable to all Galaxy devices that operate on Marshmallow. It is important to note that the menu may differ slightly if your device does not support wireless charging. Fast wireless charging may produce a faint “whir” sound, which some individuals may find bothersome. To avoid this, disabling fast wireless charging is recommended.


Whenever I charge my phone using a
V charger, a message pops up saying “Charging slowly: Use the charger and cable that were provided with this phone, or check the cable is properly connected.” Although the charging speed seems adequate and everything is connected correctly, the warning is bothersome. It appears every time I plug in the phone and I have to dismiss it manually before I can use the phone, even to answer a call. Is there a way to disable this notification permanently?



  • Answers to the question <a class=”text-blue-600″ href=”https://in4any.com/battery-drains-when-phone-is-turned-off” title=”battery drains when phone is turned off”>
    Android phone “charging
    </a> provide a helpful explanation for charging at a slow speed and ways to increase its speed.

  • The speed of charging meets my requirements.

The display of the toast depends on the power level, as evident from Andrew’s response, rather than your own perception of it.

  • Attempt the recommended techniques to boost the charging power. If those fail, there are no measures to avoid the notification from appearing.

After some editing, it was found that the solution that worked for the OP was a charging cable with a thicker diameter, which was also suggested in the referenced answer.

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