The Magnitude of Power in a Lightning Bolt

Upon further investigation, it appears that there is controversy surrounding the theory of how a lightning rod operates. It is not entirely clear whether it works by diverting the lightning to the rod instead of the building (the ‘diversion theory’) or by dissipating the accumulating charge to prevent the strike (the ‘dissipation theory’). The mechanism involves allowing charges to move up a metal conductor such as a grounding cable, antenna mast, or a pointed lightning rod, which then leak off into the atmosphere. This process helps to dissipate the charge buildup between the earth and the clouds. If the charge buildup is not reduced, it could potentially allow for a lightning strike.

Solution 1:

According to some, matter can be classified into four main categories-solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Plasma is the state in which lightning exists, and therefore, it is believed to possess weight.

Solution 2:

The movement of electrons causes lightning and it is not accurate to consider lightning as mysterious. Also, it is incorrect to say that dark energy is created by lightning.

Solution 3:

The mass of an electron is approximately $9.11 times 10^{−31}$ kilograms. However, it is not possible to determine the exact number of electrons in a lightning bolt, which makes it impossible to calculate the exact mass.

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