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Instead of using the central Enterprise Active Directory domain, several Departments manage their own Active Directory domains. For instance, the SSO permissions can be accessed via this link. When vCenter’s SSO was installed, it identified all the Active Directory domains available.


To access 5.1, utilize the user account admin@System-Domain and enter the password that was established during installation.

Although it is documented, this may be confusing for users.

After three unsuccessful attempts, you might get locked out, but the lockout period will automatically reset in approximately 15 minutes.

Once you have access to the configuration settings, it is important to assign your Local/Domain Administrator user to the sso admin role.

Although the documentation may be difficult to comprehend, it contains valuable information such as the
nice blog post
that I found helpful. Additionally, there is a table available that shows the correlation between Roles and install versions, which can assist in preventing issues that arise from using the simple install.

To access 5.5 version, use the login credentials of [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

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