List of Language Options for Right-to-Left Languages

The ‘edition’ option encompasses numerous languages, including those written from right to left. However, the current list displays left-to-right languages aligned on the left side while the right-to-left languages are aligned on the opposite side.


As part of the mobile application’s redesign, I am working on the setting options. One of these options is called “edition,” which encompasses various languages and the Right to
Left languages
. Currently, the list is displayed with
LtR languages
aligned to the left, but the other Right-to-Left (RtL) languages are aligned differently, resulting in an unappealing look. Additionally, there is a flag that represents each edition as an example.

[flag] International__________

[flag] America______________

[flag] India_________________


I am wondering if aligning
languages read
to the left would be understandable. Perhaps a grid layout would be a better solution? I am unsure how well the labels would appear in a centered layout when using a RtL language. While there are guidelines for RtL languages in the Google Material Design doc, it does not cover the scenario where both RtL and LtR languages are displayed simultaneously. Are there other guidelines available for this? Additionally, if the user switches to a Right to
Left language
edition, would they expect the labels to align right as well?

Thank you in advance


It is completely comprehensible. You can refer to Wikipedia for further clarification.

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