Generator of Decision Tables Automatically

Designing tests can be facilitated by utilizing a decision table. When aiming for complete coverage and dealing with a limited amount of input combinations, Decision Table Testing is a highly effective approach to achieve the desired outcome.


I require a reliable and user-friendly tool for creating
decision table
. Although TestCaseGenerator meets my requirements, it lacks stability and fails to generate test cases when dealing with large quantities. DecisionTableCreator is another option, but it struggles to function when handling numerous conditions. Despite spending an extended period of time searching, I am confident that an essential tool like this must be available, as TDD cannot function without it.


Solution 1:

If you’re in search of a code generator, the CCIDE ( associated with
can be a viable option.

Solution 2:

Despite its usefulness, TestCaseGenerator’s instability becomes apparent when generating thousands of test cases, causing it to stop functioning.

What quantity of cases do you require? I rely on, which can produce up to 16300 cases even on my low-end computer. I assume that with increased RAM, you can obtain a greater number of cases.

Regarding the need for numerous test cases, have you considered splitting the 15+ conditions into two, three, or four test suits? This would result in smaller test suites for your
Decision Table
s. Additionally, it may be beneficial to explore pairwise
testing – technique
s as a means of reducing the number of test cases without compromising test coverage.

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